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How to Get Vintage Hair Styles For Long Hair

Among the few basic requirement of beauty an important one is the managing the hair. As hair is the essence of your appearance and make your look perfect. Among the ladies the most popular hair style is now becoming the vintage hair style. Most women believe that this can only be done by professionals but the vintage hair styles is very easy.

How to Get Vintage Hair Styles For Long Hair

Vintage Hair Styles For Long Hair

Here are the basic steps for vintage hair styles.


  •  Start with spray on a texturing item for consumption like Aquage Uplifting Foam and blow dry.
  •  Make sure to open at the bottom and functioning your way to the top, tease one inch sections of hair from root to end, and then smooth iron.
  •  Be sure to sprig each piece with a heat caring spray like RUSK Thermal Iron Spray but do it gently. Brush hair out by a lenient hackle brush.
  •  Curve hair to the top of the head and lightly fold it and pin it in place.

Artifact Endorsement

The Salon Tech Flat Iron is prodigious to use with sturdy titanium plates. For finest effects, select lower temperatures for better, color pickled hair and advanced temps for rough, resilient hair. This vintage hairstyles is so versatile that works with every face shape and is particularly nice to bulk up finer textures.

Vintage hair styles

Scarf Tied Updo

The head scarf Updo sorts us think of the classic, but you don’t have to work in a factory to make the head scarf look work for you. It’s a tranquil style for the busy mom on the go, or a fun little for brunch with the girls. For your scarf, trench the red and white polka dots and go for a amusing floral print in a fashionable color like mint green. This is also the unspoiled Updo for hair that’s overdue aimed at some shampoo.

Vintage hair styles

Spritz a volume promoter into your moist hair. Make a profound side part and draw your hair into a pigtail at the crown. Take casual components of hair and smear a little velvet gelatin before scenery your hair with an average barrel iron to make the curls. When the curls have airy, inebriate your fingers over them to break them up and arbitrarily pin the curls into a untidy bun. Tie a pretty scarf around your head to comprehensive the look.

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