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How To Do Easy Water Marble Nails Art

Water Marble Nails Art. These days the most famous nail design among teenagers is the water marble nail art. The latest nail art the girls love is the water marble manicure, which looks like it is for-the-professional only but is really completely achievable at home. To do the water marble nail art all you need is, Water Marble Nails Art

  •  Shallow bowl
  •  Room temperature water
  •  Vaseline or tape

Water marble nail art

Easy Water Marble Nails Art

Here is the procedure for the water marble nail art.


Make sure to take a small cup of water, a light tinted base polish, numerous other colors of polish, a cocktail stick, tape and polish remover. Try to use the variety of colors for a rainbow like look or choose variations of the same tone.


For water marble nail art, paint your nails a brighter color that should be daintier than the other colors you chose to create a good base and give rather solid to which the polish can adhere. Make sure the color is completely dry before you last. Try not to do mess up the mixing. To stop taking to do a major cleanup after the marbling, cover the skin around each nail with tape.

Drip Polish

Water Marble Nails Art. Take your minor glass of water and enhance a drop of polish from the brush into it. Then, take another color and drop extra droplet of that shade into the center of the other polish. Endure plummeting polish into the glass of water, shade by shade.


Use your cocktail stick to mildly merge the colors together. You don’t want all the colors to run composed and blend too much. Take each finger and hollow it somewhat into the water so each nail just hits the surface,.

Remove Your Tape

Water Marble Nails Art. After your nails are entirely, totally dry, mildly lift off the tape. If you absolute to skip the sticking part, or some of the polish occurred to seep through, clean up the filtrate around your finger with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

Water marble nail art

The greatest significant step of any water marble nail art is to put on that top coat. Give the newly marbled nails a good coat so you can show your digits off chip free.

Water Marble Nails Art Gallery

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