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How To Choose The Best Nail Shape

Do you ever think about the ideal nail shape for your manicure? We bring five different nail shapes and how to file them. So you have a choice of to keep Nail Shape which you want.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

With slightly modification Different shapes of nail

Choose The Best Nail Shape


The narrowing side walls of the oval make a graceful shape for women. Oval shapes compliment mutually extensive and thin nail beds, and add size with an elegant tip. To realize the flawless oval shape, file sideways walls conventional to be sure they’re smooth. Then, form the side walls into a curved oval, creating sure the viewpoints are even on each side.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Oval nail shape is beautiful and graceful shape


By strong side walls and shrill or smoothed tips, this figure is classic French. The square is perfect for a bigger nail bed. To make this eternal shape, file the lateral walls straight and be sure they’re at right angles to the free corner of the nail. Just the once you’ve got the seamless square, angle your emery board and bevel the nail.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Square nail shape is best for bigger nail

Square Oval (Squoval)

Combining the stylishness of the oval with the strong point of the square, the squoval is a prevalent nail shape for most fingers. First instigate with a square with straight and smooth side walls. File the anglestill your free edge is curved and oblique. Recall, you quiet want sturdy side supports, don’t go moreover file.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Sqyoval nail shape is combination of oval with square


Round is the most traditional shapes of the cluster, the round shape is idyllic for men andfor those who like to uphold short nails. This shape is gratifying for extensive nails, and gives the impression of a diluter nail bed. File the side walls unbending like a square, formerly round the free corner into that flawless leaping circle.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Round nail shape is attractive shape for nail.


The sharp nail is a prevalent style for enamel and nail art designs, specifically in Eastern Europe and Asia. This modern shape is liked among superstars; Fergie and Lady Gaga are constantly rocking it! And although it’s not preferred for the casual look, this exciting shape can really reduce and extend the fingers. File the lateral walls consistently and taper until you’ve touched the preferred tip.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Almond/Point nail shape is give very attractive look for your nail with nail art designs

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