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7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

People always focus on their face and body and make every possible effort to make them look lovely. In this struggle they neglect one of the most delicate and beautiful part of your body the hands. After your personal beauty your hands get the most devotion when you come to a public gathering, so it is your responsibility to keep your hands soft. Hands have a basic purpose in your daily life that will slowly reduce its softness.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

 Make Your Hands Soft

Here are some simple precautions to make your hand soft.

Properly Hand Washing

It definitely sounds odd in hearing but it is true that you possibly don’t wash your hands in the proper way. Make sure that you never use too hot or too cold water as it will harm your skin. After washing your hands dry them lightly with a towel in its place of rubbing them.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft


Make sure to hydrate your skin as it is a key element to make your hands soft. For this you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every single day. It’s great if you can drink that much, but don’t force yourself to drink.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

Right Soap

Try to avoid using a regular soap and always prefer those that are skin-sensitive and conditioning at the same time. Soaps that have jojoba or olive oil are a perfect choice.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

Hot Water

Hot water is not actually that good for your skin and makes your skin hard and rough. It creates a parched and craving for additional nourishing. The same effect will be on your hands. Make sure to wash your hands only with warm water.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

Hand Nourishing

If you want your hands soft and perfect a simple step for perfect hands after the age of 30 is to use moisturizer. Use a conditioner or lotion that comprises Retinal, Shea Butter and B Vitamins, as these components will make your hand soft.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft


With the variation in temperature and climate you hand’s skin adjusted with it. So it is better to pack a pair of gloves in your bag. Cold air always does a lot of harm to your skin, turning it rough and affecting it to break. Gloves are just compulsory during the winter.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

Hand Massage

At night apply a moisturizer or olive oil on your both hands and massage it properly. According to experts your hands will grip lotions better during the night and will help you making your hands soft.

7 Rules To Make Your Hands Soft

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