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5 Easy Steps to Get Glittery Lips

Lips are the most appealing part of your face that’s why every woman wants it to be perfectly pinkish and shiny. Among teenagers the most prominent styles about lips these days are the glittery lips. Glittery lips are not that difficult to obtain.  Most people think all glittery things are not just for little girls. One thing to consider is that grown-ups too dear to add a trace of glitter for going to any kind of party.

Glittery Lips

Easy Steps to Get Glittery Lips

Here is the procedure to make the perfect glittery lips.

Products Used

  •    Red lip liner
  •    Red lip gloss
  •    Glitter
  •    Concealer

1)    Foundation And Concealer

Smear a foundation and concealer all above your lips to start with clean lips a clean opus, try to use layer solid powder over your lips next to stop crumpling of the products practical. Then, smear a warm red lip liner all over your lips to describe your lips consistently and also to make the lip color last lengthier.

2)    Creamy Red Lip Color

Make sure to pick a creamy red lip color and smear it all over your lips. Try to use a thin lip brush or your fingers and perfectly the product all over your lips with a very thin layer. If you do not have a creamy formula lipstick, try to use a creamy lip balm like the Maybelline Baby lips or Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm over the red lip color base for this step.

Glittery Lips

Try using creamy red lip color that makes a perfect glittery lips

3)    Lip Gloss

Make sure to layer a clear or a red colored lip luster all over your lips. This step will help in plot the glitter in place and prevent it from dispersal out on your lips. This will help making glittery lips. Then, take a shimmery golden glittery shade and smear it unevenly all over your lips.

4)    Glitter Eyeliner

Try to use glitter eyeliner or a glitter powder for this step. If you own a lip gloss with high sparkly shimmer particles, then you can also use it to enhance shimmer.

5)    Golden Eyeliner

The final step completes with index or ring finger to softly blotch the golden eyeliner to make an even base. You can reapply lip gloss to get a glossier and moist lip consequence.

Glittery Lips

Give a touch with golden eyeliner to complete the appearance

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